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November 22, 2022 -Brahma Kumari session with Raj yogi Ram Singhal was organised for teachers and students in the auditorium at 3 pm. Raj yogi Ram Singhal has been practising Raja yoga Meditation for the last 47 years. He is a professional Civil Engineer and owns an engineering consulting firm in New York. He travelled around the world sharing his personal experiences. He has been to many places, such as USA, South America, Caribbean, Russia, UK, UAE, and India sharing his personal positive experiences. He has worked with many youth groups for the last 20 years and has conducted workshops in schools, colleges, and organisations. He is coordinating a global campaign named Seven Billion Acts of Goodness. The mission is to create a global environment of care, compassion and generosity by inspiring people to collectively perform 7 billion acts of goodness. He has travelled to more than 600 cities in 19 countries and has delivered more than 2,100 presentations on this programme.

He shared his thoughts and belief that spirituality is dynamic and a higher form of science that is applicable in our day-to-day life. He talked about how meditation, a positive attitude, faith in a higher being, love for people and nature help us in times of crisis (World trade centre tragedy). A small video was shown on acts of goodness and how to make a chain reaction of goodness and happiness. He also shared his experience on how to stop the vicious cycle of revenge and start the act of forgiveness.

Ma’am Principal presented a memento to Raja yogi Ram Singhal. Today we learnt how to spread generosity and imbibe the seven billion acts of goodness.