Republic Day Celebration

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Republic Day was celebrated in school with patriotic fervour and a spirit of service. To acknowledge the contribution of the Support Staff and to provide them rest and entertainment this year’s celebration was dedicated to them. The program was attended by members of the residential teaching and administrative staff, Support Staff and the students.

The celebration began with the hoisting of the flag by Principal Ms Shalini Mehrotra. This was followed by the National Anthem and a patriotic song by the students. In her address Principal Ms Shalini Mehrotra spoke about the significance of the day and shared interesting facts about Republic Day. She expressed great appreciation for the Bhaiyyas and Sahayikas who work tirelessly all through the year, towards the smooth functioning of all school activities. Thereafter there was a yoga display by a group of students and the Support Staff members. The group performed Suryanamaskar, Anulom Vilom, Bhramari Asana and ended it with Om Chanting. This was followed by some fun races for them. Though a bit reluctant in the beginning they soon showed great enthusiasm for the different races viz.Lemon and Spoon race, Hoopla race, Sack Race, Slow Cycling, 60m and 100 m races and participated in each with full gusto. The competition notwithstanding the spirit of joie de vivre was infectious and students along with all the didis and bhaiyyas could be seen cheering the participants. The talent show offered an opportunity for some of our gifted members to showcase their skill. Self composed songs, bhajan and Haryanvi dances were much enjoyed. The winners of the games were given cash prizes. The members of the faculty had made contribution for the same to show their appreciation for the workers. The performers were also felicitated for their talent show.

A team of students and teachers had taken the task of preparing lunch for the entire school community. The team started early in the morning taking charge of all responsibilities from chopping, to washing, cooking, transportation of food to the venue and the serving. The langar was a sumptuous feast with pulav, sabzi, poori, raita, halwa and salad served with generous amounts of love and appreciation.

The day ended with a feeling of warmth and contentment. The students enjoyed preparing the meal and conducting sports activities and the support staff relished the special treatment accorded to them. It strengthened our feeling of oneness and we look forward to more such occasions.

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