Round Square Activities

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Eight students of Class XI along with RS Rep Ms Aradhana Malik participated in a zoom call on October 21 organized by Riverdale School, New York on the Topic ‘Sharing Art inspired by our home’. In the course of the call they shared /swapped and discussed their own works of Art with students of twenty other schools, through a gallery presentation. It was an immersive session wherein students gained knowledge of the all pervasive impact of art not just on their personalities but on the culture and heritage of a place.

Six students of Class XI along with RS Rep Ms Aradhana Malik attended a Global Seminar Series from October 17 – November 7 organized by Miss Porter’s School, USA. The theme was the state of democracy and the global impact of the U.S. presidential election. The girls discussed on democracy and other forms of government. They enjoyed the stimulating talk by Helen Womack, a Reuter’s correspondent and along with fellow delegates deliberated on solutions to help unite this divided world.

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