(Teacher I/C - Ms Aradhana Malik)

Roundsquare‘There is more in us than we know. If we can be made to see it, perhaps, for the rest of our lives, we will be unwilling to settle for less.’ – Kurt Hahn

The concept of Round Square was conceived in 1966 by Dr. Kurt Hahn, a German educator and a key figure in the development of experiential education. To this day his philosophies have far-reaching international influence that has stood the test of time. The philosophy of Round Square is centred on the 6 IDEALS, namely the Spirit of Internationalism, the Spirit of Democracy, the Spirit of Environment, the Spirit of Adventure, the Spirit of Leadership, and finally, the Spirit of Service.

Round Square is now in its 53rd year with over 210 likeminded Round Square member schools in 50 countries spread across six continents, that are united in a commitment to help students to develop into well-rounded individuals who not only possess sound life skills but will make positive and long lasting contributions to our global community. Round Square provides a catalyst and framework for more than 200,000 students each year to engage in a holistic programme of self-discovery.


We are privileged to be the first all–girls’ School from India to become the proud member of the Round Square organisation in the Year 2004. Round Square schools encourage students to learn beyond textbooks and our girls have been enhancing their personal and global development by taking part in a range of activities offered to them internationally.

At VDJS, each girl is given every opportunity to express herself and grow as a joyful learner which helps in developing her as confident young woman, who is able to lead a life of conviction and purpose.

Through Round Square, we offer a variety of ‘global’ and ‘local’ opportunities to our students and staff by way of national and international conferences, international Service projects and educational exchanges. Built around the RS six IDEALS of learning, each girl at VDJS is motivated as per their capacity for achievement and excellence, recognising that learning is most effective when it is practical, cross-cultural, and collaborative.

International Exchange opportunities at VDJS– Jindalites are inspired to go beyond barriers. Exchanges to various countries and schools are offered depending on what a student is looking for from that experience. The best thing about participating in a student exchange at VDJS is that you can have a great deal of choice about what suits you best, with regard to timing and location.

The majority of international exchanges at VDJS tend to happen around grade 9 and 11, and we strongly encourage our students to begin the process early, as there is a lot more involved in while going on an Exchange than just deciding where we want to go!

Since 2004, we are sending our girls on educational exchange programmes to the finest round square member schools. Our girls are currently offered exchange programmes with the following schools:

  • Roedean School, Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Tamagawa Academy, Tokyo, Japan
  • St Stithians Girls College, Canada,
  • Cobam Hall Girls School, United Kingdom
  • Felsted School, United Kingdom
  • Cheongshim International Academy, South Korea
  • Appleby College, Canada,
  • Ivanhoe Grammar School, Melbourne,
  • Regent’s School, Bangkok
  • BCCSC, Beijing
  • Penryn College, Canada.

Round Square International Conferences – Every year VDJS students and teachers make the best use of the opportunity to take part in age-appropriate local and global conferences that bring them together with peers of Round Square member schools from different countries to share perspectives, debate topical issues, forge friendships, support local communities, and develop international understanding.

International Service Projects

Round Square International Service (RSIS) projects bring together students and adults from Round Square member schools across the globe to work in support of a community in need somewhere in the world.

On an average, Round Square hosts up to four service projects each year involving around 50 students from Round Square member schools. The projects take place in July and December and run (on average) for two weeks, engaging students in a process of action and reflection that develops their understanding of the needs of a partner community and involves them in a practical solution to address those needs.

Working closely with the community, and often living amongst them for the duration of the project, RSIS participants usually find themselves constructing a vital piece of infrastructure. In the past years, VDJS Girls have been participating in a number of Round Square International Service Project organised in Thailand, Morocco, Tanzania, Nepal, Vietnam, Borneo, Sri Lanka and South Africa.

Round Square Collaborations: Discovery Framework

Sometimes Round Square schools simply swap resources, share ideas, consult colleagues around the world on challenges we are facing and crowd-source potential solutions to shared problems.

All faculty members from the Round Square member schools are able to connect with their counterparts around the world to create subject-themed and inter-disciplinary opportunities for their students to develop global competencies within the curriculum. By connecting our classrooms across the world, we are able to bring a broader global perspective and real-world learning to a variety of subjects, which in turn helps to internationalise the curriculum.

The Round Square Collaboration Platform facilitates connections by providing a searchable database of teachers in RS schools around the world who are keen to connect, share resources, and plan courses and lessons together, and advertises live opportunities that are seeking partners.

Students at VDJS through Round Square network are able to access a range of collaborative activities that help in developing global awareness and such collaborations bring together students member schools across the globe to work as a truly international team on different projects.