RS Activities during Lockdown

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Round Square IDEALS Challenge

With an aim to keep the students connected to the Round Square IDEALS and with other students in the RS community across the world a series of activities were available online via RS website. Students of Middle School are enthusiastically participating in the ROUND SQUARE IDEALS CHALLENGE which ends up with small projects where students are asked to produce a piece of written work, poster, or any other creative work. The Spirit of Service was captured through “Drops that Make the Ocean” activity, ‘Spirit of environmentalism’ through crafting marine creatures from waste plastic bottles and ‘A spirit of Internationalism’ through a collage about the culture, places, food, the geographical and historical importance of our country.

Global Seminar Series “Pandemic: A Call to Action.”

Our Partner School, Miss Porter’s School, USA has extended an invitation to our students to participate in their Global Seminar Series “Pandemic: A Call to Action.” Schools from all around the world are a part of this global experience. The objective is to create an opportunity for high school girls to connect, exchange ideas, become empowered, and work collaboratively to solve some of the problems we are facing globally due to the pandemic. Eight students from across Classes X-XII have registered for the same.

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