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Singapore International School, Mumbai

‘Spectrums of Isolation’

3rd April,2024

Six students of grade XII, along with the Teacher in charge, Ms Shriaya Gupta, participated in a Zoom Postcard hosted by Singapore International School, Mumbai, on the theme ‘Spectrums of Isolation’. The call began with host students introducing the theme, outlining different forms of isolation and different situations where they may encounter isolation in their daily lives. Each breakout room discussed one of the following subjects in depth: academic isolation; voluntary vs. involuntary isolation; emotional vs. physical isolation; digital disconnect; and wealth disparities.  From discussing physical and emotional solitude to exploring cultural and wealth gaps, attendees engaged in lively conversations. The event highlighted the importance of combating loneliness by fostering connections and support networks. Embracing the principles of internationalism, The participants were impressed by the event’s simplicity and effectiveness in addressing these complex issues. Through its accessible approach and engaging discussions, the event succeeded in spreading awareness and promoting understanding within the community about the varied forms of isolation that an individual can be afflicted with.

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