Sarojini House Nite

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Sarojini House Nite bemused Jindalites on 04th May, displaying a trail of lively events ranging from whimsical drama to radiant dance exhibit. The colourful event was initiated with Shiv Tandav Stotram with melodic voices echoing and enthralling the gathering with their immaculate unison that was followed by an enlightening Nukkad Natak addressing wrongfully impertinent behaviour towards senior citizens. The Flamenco dance was a vivacious performance of the folkloric music traditions of Southern Spain. The audience witnessed an impressively curated fashion show with innovative designs and exhilarating attires. A humorous English Skit ‘My Money’ with a witty and satirical presentation infused the crowd with loads of laughter and giggles. Deserving Sarojinites were awarded distinguished awards to recognise their tireless efforts and commitment showcased in sports, academics, co-curricular engagements, and their disciplinary demeanour. As the curtains closed, Sarojini House Nite 2024-25 left everyone with memories they’d forever cherish. 

Best in Co-Curricular ActivitiesIsabella Bittu, Ishanee Mehta 
Best in SportsManvi Ahlawat, Palak Agarwal 
Best in AcademicsEekshita Gupta , Nainika, Smriti Gahlaut 
House Mistress’ Delight Aarna Singh, Hetisha, Surmayee Saini