Savitri House

House Motto: Loyalty

Savitri House is named after one of the most elegant personality, Savitri Devi, who is a virtuous woman with a versatile nature. Her hard work, determination, and loyalty towards her line of work has inspired every Savitrian to follow her footsteps. The house motto “Loyalty” guides our girls to perform their duties with firm dedication and truth.

Struggles are often encountered but, each Savitrian is braced with discipline, confidence, and devotion to face the obstacle and is prepared to be the woman of tomorrow.

House Mistress Ms Aishwarya Bhardwaj
Assistant House Mistress Ms
Dorm Parent Ms Mini Rani Singh & Ms Mousmi Bhomik
House Prefect Miss Kopal Rungta


Mr Anil Kumar Sharma Mrs Suman Arora
Ms Neha Sharma Ms Aishwarya Bhardwaj
Mrs Chhaya Singh Mrs Anindita Sinha
Mr Abhijeet Mukhopadhyay Mrs Indu Sharma
Mrs Shravani Ganti