Assemblies on Special Days

International Sign Day-

A special assembly was organised on 28th September by Class XI to mark International Sign Day and to reiterate the responsibility of society to accommodate people with hearing disabilities into the mainstream. A live demonstration of the hand gestures to communicate the alphabet of English and commonly asked questions was given by a student. An informative video was also shared with the audience depicting the formation of the first school for the deaf, The National Institute for the Deaf and Mutes by James Paul in 1879.

Ganesh Chaturthi

A special assembly on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi on 31st August to celebrate the significance of Lord Ganesha, a symbol of wisdom and remover of impediments in human life,  in Indian culture. It commenced with the auspicious invocation, the Ganesh Vandana. A skit with power-packed performances was put up by the girls of class VIII, showcasing the relationship between Lord Ganesha and the Mahabharata and the role of Ganesh Chaturthi in India’s struggle for freedom. The celebration concluded with aarti, offering prayers to Lord Ganesha and wishing prosperity for humanity.



World Humanitarian Day

A special assembly was conducted to celebrate World Humanitarian Day by the Sarojini House on 17th August. The event commenced with a brief on qualities of ‘kindness and compassion’ that differentiate humans from other species. An inspirational and elegant dance on the theme ‘Insaniyat’ and euphonic group song, ‘Heal the World’ spellbound the audience with the emotions of caring and sharing. The assembly concluded with a digital presentation of the efforts of UNHCR, a UN agency, in helping refugees all over the world.

Choral Recitation Assembly

Choral Recitation Assembly was conducted by the students of Class IV on July 20, 2022, in the school auditorium. The enthusiastic nightingales presented a mesmerising recitation of the poems, ‘God’s Love’ and ‘Humpty Dumpty’. 

International Dance Day

A special assembly was organised by the Dance Department, on International Dance Day- 30th April 2022 wherein, students were shown a presentation about how this day is celebrated all through the world as an acknowledgement of the significance of dance in human life. Few students of Class XII gave a supple and soul-stirring performance on Gayatri Mantra.  A salutation to the gurus was given by Class X students through a classical representation – Guru Vandana. The assembly ended with a trip down memory lane – a video showcasing the dance performances of VDJS from 2016 to 2021.

World Heritage Day

A special assembly was organised by the INTACH Team, wherein, a panorama of the activities conducted by INTACH was shared with the girls through a presentation. The audience was mesmerised with the stellar Indian folk dance performances by the students of Classes IV & IX and the teachers, Ms Jayati and Mr Abhimanyu. An inquisitive quiz was conducted by Mr Vinayak to encourage children to look beyond the textual knowledge about the rich Indian cultural heritage. And that was not all! Jindalites had food for the soul on April 18- an aromatic and zesty South Indian Thali for lunch.

Disaster and Crisis Management

An assembly on ‘Disaster and Crisis Management’ was organised by the Estate Manager, Mr Kumar Raushan on 13th April in the auditorium to empower the students and the staff to combat emergencies and natural calamities like earthquakes, fire, dust storm etc. With the help of an effective presentation, he enriched the attendees with the comprehensive exit plans designed for evacuation programs in all parts of the school infrastructure and the protocols that are to be followed when a crisis arises. The session concluded with a candid dialogue wherein the resource person addressed the queries of the students and staff. 

World Health Day

World Health Day was celebrated in the auditorium on 5th April, to promote global health and to mark the formation of the World Health Organisation (7th April). Dr Pinky addressed the students and emphasised the importance of a healthy mind, body and soul in the present circumstances for the world is recuperating from the onslaught of the pandemic. The WHO’s motto for 2022 is ‘Health for All’ where the focus is to create healthy societies. The assembly rounded off with a pledge by the students to pick and follow two healthy practices on a daily basis.