School reopens with New Additions in the Phase II Online Learning Programme

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After a month and a half long summer break Phase 2 of online classes begun from the 1st of July. At VDJS we believe in the dictum ‘ nihil de nobis sine nobis’ i.e. nothing about us, without us hence students’ feedback was taken before formulating the structure and activities of Phase 2. The endeavour was to provide as close to the actual school experience as possible, to our girls. The students welcomed the additions to the daily schedule and we are in the process of regular revisions of the same in their interest.

  • Morning Fitness Programme:

Phase 2 of online classes saw the commencement of the Morning Fitness Programme. The Sports plan has been worked out in accordance with the guidelines of the MHRD and is a judicious mix of basic exercises, nutrition advice, yoga and meditation. A one-hour slot from 7 am to 8 am marks an energizing beginning to the day. In the course of the month each class got to experience yoga, self-defence, aerobics and calisthenics. The coaches worked out a carefully calibrated plan as per each grade. However certain requests of the children were also accommodated from time to time. The students will soon be assessed on the same.

  • Morning Assembly

Morning Assembly started for the entire school from 1st July. The welcome assembly was taken by the Principal wherein the students were apprised of the School plans for their holistic development in view of the changed circumstances. Thereafter assemblies have been taken Class-wise by teachers on a wide range of topics. From storytelling to mindfulness, from motivational talk to dissemination of information, from musical mornings to quizzing the girls have had a variety of experiences which gears them up for the day ahead. 

  • Mentor Meetings

To meet the requirement of emotional and psychological scaffolding for our girls the mentor meetings were started in Phase 2 of the Online Classes. The meetings are scheduled once a week per class wherein the girls interact with their mentors in a non formal atmosphere. It is a forum for open discussions where the girls share their views on academics and other activities. The mentors then share the same with the concerned authorities so that the best interests of the girls can be served.

  • Blitz- A literary Club for the Girls by the Girls

Four girls of Class XII have started ‘Blitz- A Literary Club’ for the students of Classes IX-XII. The Club is entirely student-driven and deals with creative writing, oratorical skill, and general awareness. The Club activities will be well planned and dynamic in keeping with the interest of the members. The Club meetings will be conducted on Zoom, twice a week for a duration of 60-90 minutes each. The membership for the Club is optional and a letter of consent in this regard has been sent to the parents. We have started receiving parents’ consent letters and the number is quite encouraging. Soon the Club will start functioning. Kudos to the girls for this wonderful initiative


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