Science Fest

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The Science Fest was observed in VDJS from October 12 to 14 with a view to igniting the minds of the girls and inculcating scientific temperament in them. This was done through active engagement in experiments, talks, research based projects and creative assignments like movie review writing and T shirt designing.

The theme for this year was Climate Action Plan. The students researched and explored the effect of climate change on animals, plants, weather patterns and human activities at the local and global level. A few cities/ states/ countries were chosen for the research and students created very impactful PPTs, PDFs and videos. A stimulating interaction with DPS International School, Gurgaon on the theme allowed for an informative exchange of ideas. Research on a few famous scientists and watching Science fiction movies were other interesting activities which the students wholeheartedly participated in. The students enjoyed the Fest with its perfect mix of learning and fun.

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