Self Defense Programme

In our endeavour of preparing our young learners towards Personal Safety and Security, VDJS in collaboration with Safe Campus provides a progressive Self Defense Programme called ‘I Myself’ to girls of all age group. The programme is a Self-Protection initiative which covers the age appropriate awareness and understanding of various threats around us and their solutions in minimum time with minimum or no harm possible. The pillars of content around which the program is woven are-

  • Situational Awareness- Mental Preparedness
  • Physical threats-kidnap/molestation/push-pull/rape/road rage/bully ism/armed and unarmed combat.
  • Physical Robustness-exercises and drills
  • Man-made situations- terror hostage or shootout
  • Evacuation techniques and assisting an adult
  • Combat Medic – First Aid
  • Elimination of F.E.A.R.