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The school organized a BK Session on ‘Concentration and Memory’ by BK Bhai Prof E.V Swaminathan on 31 st October in the school auditorium from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. The session was attended by students of classes VIII-XII, Chairperson Mrs. Deepika Jindal, and staff members. B.K Bhai Prof Swaminathan and BK Sisters were welcomed by Ma’am Deepika and ma’am Principal with a bamboo shoot and welcome card.
The session started with a music video to lighten up the spirits of attendees which was followed by a
short video ‘The Freedom Song’. Through the video, BK Bhai conveyed that the bird in the video is our
dreams, the cage is our mindset and the king is the Self. He gave some valuable tips on concentration
through activities on memory techniques. He defined SELF as Source, Energy, Light, and Form. He spoke about three faculties of SELF which are Mind, Intellect, and Sanskars. He emphasized that the alignment of mind and intellect is known as Concentration. He gave importance to imagination over knowledge.
The session had a lot of take away for the attendees. The session concluded with paying tribute to our
Indian Armed Forces with a minute’s silence for our soldiers and the National Anthem. It was an
enriching and interactive session for all.

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