Sessions by My Peegu

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On 18th September, Ms Divya (a child psychologist) the resource person from My Peegu conducted a series of training sessions for staff and students. Each session helped the participants to understand themselves and others much better. It also gave them tools to handle any emotional and relationship crisis.

The training session with grades IX-XII was held on the topic, Self- Care. The resource person dealt with important issues like healthy venting of emotions by abstaining from blaming others, owning up to one’s mistakes, avoidance of self-victimization, working on solutions, listening and acknowledging others perspective and showing openness to feedback. The resource person also shared a few coping mechanisms like the importance of a positive attitude and the timely identification of triggers. The session was quite interactive and students showed interest in understanding about Mental & Emotional Health.

The session with Classes IV-VIII was conducted on the topic-Self Care, Mental Health and coping. The resource person explained to students the importance of safeguarding mental health by remaining resilient, developing strong coping skills, having positive relationships and deep social engagements along with the ability to handle challenges. She also explained to students about nervousness, anxiety and the appropriate responses during such situations. The students asked many questions about mental health.

The session with teachers was on the topic ‘Understanding Generation Z and Alpha’. Ms Divya spoke about generation gap and dwelt on the importance of good communication skills to bridge this gap. Speaking about the unique characteristics of baby boomers, millennials, Digital Natives and google kids she shared how the values and belief systems of each group were a product of their times. She shared how each group needs to make active efforts to have cordial relations with the other.

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