Sessions for the Non- Teaching Staff

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i) Grooming Sessions

Training sessions for the Administration Staff, the Security Personnel and the Sahayikas were held to mentor and groom them in communication, business etiquette, and interpersonal skills. They were also schooled and guided about Team Building, Values and Ethics, Brand Identity, Ownership and Accountability.

ii)  Family Planning & Financial Awareness

An informational session was organised by Dr. Pinky and Anjali Vashishta for the non-teaching staff of the school on the topic ‘Family Planning’ to sensitise them about the disadvantages and limitations of parenting more than two children with limited source of income and gender equality for family responsibilities and their role towards the parents and family care. 

iii) Kitchen staff training on basic Gravies and Indian dishes

In its continuous endeavour to provide better services and quality food to

Students and the kitchen staff of the  VDJS Dining Hall attended a two-day experiential training session on the basics of Indian cookery (gravies, traditional Indian dishes)

conducted by Mr. Devendra, Astt. Lecturer FCI, Ajmer. During the training, the staff was briefed and demonstrated the actual preparation of dishes in a hygienic manner, preserving nutritive value and following standard recipes and proper presentation.

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