Sessions on June 25 by DOAC and IT -Executive

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A session on Online Assessment

 On 25 June, an orientation session on the conduct of online Unit Test-I was conducted by Ms Bhagwanti Gupta (DOAC), Ms Sunita Verma (SSC), Ms Neelam Sharma (MSC), Ms Bosky Soperna (PSC) collectively for the teaching faculty. The team of academic leaders briefed the staff about various tools and techniques used for conducting the online Unit Test- I and blue-print of Question Paper with the help of a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation was also mailed to all the staff members for their later reference.

A session on Features of Microsoft Teams


On 25 June, an orientation session on the Features of Microsoft Teams was conducted by Mr Satish Chauhan, IT-Executive, for the staff members. It was a recapitulation session of the training session conducted by a professional from Microsoft Teams in the month of April. Mr Chauhan demonstrated the usage of all the features of the Teams app by sharing his own screen with the attendees. It was a demonstration-cum-interactive session to ensure the effective and optimal utilisation of the Microsoft Teams platform in the days to come.


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