Sessions on June 27 by COE and DOA

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A Session on Mode of Assessment

 On 27 June, a session on ‘Mode of Assessment’ was conducted by Ms Neelam Rai, COE. Ms Rai oriented the staff members regarding the details of conducting online Unit Test –I via ‘Exam. Net’ platform. She also recapitulated the blue-print of the question papers discussed in the day before session.

A Session on Virtual Assembly

 On 27 June, a session on Virtual Assembly was conducted by Ms Puja Pant, Dean of Activity, for the teaching faculty. She shared the schedule, purpose, duration and nature of the virtual assemblies to be held in the second phase of the Online Teaching-Learning programme. In the following interactive session, various ideas were shared by the participants to make these assemblies tad different from the physical assemblies that we had in school.


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