(Teacher I/C - Mr Dhrigpal Singh)


Shooting is a vying and recreational sporting activity embracing proficiency examination of precision, explicitness, and celerity in it. Shooting is an art of maneuvering the various ranged weapons principally attributing to firearms and airguns, predominantly in forms such as rifles and pistols.

VDJS provides for 10 Meter Air Rifle and Pistol where the individual has to shoot over a distance of 10 meters. The school, in its 16-lane shooting range which is a terrific and extensive infrastructure for the impassioned shooters, provides opportunities to variegated competitions at different levels. The rationale behind propounding shooting sports is to tune fitness and control, escalate concentration and develop self-discipline as it is a sport utterly based on diligence and dedication. Shooting sports build confidence, allowing the aspirants to accomplish new goals and contend with new challenges as they progress.

The school constructs and fosters a valuable learning experience along with the provision of a safe and conducive learning environment to the aspirants and endeavours to empower them with a passion for their skills and career in shooting.

Shooting Training

The VDJS Shooting Training Program focuses on the-:

  1. Basic fundamentals for Beginners including firing and range discipline
  2. Holding Practice with Gun
  3. Dry Fire Practice 
  4. Live Fire Practice (Grouping, Scoring, and Practice Matches)
  5. Meditation for concentration, patience, and improvising in the skills of shooting (Candle Flame exercise etc.)


  1. Grade IV-XII, VDJS has learners of different age groups
  2. U-14, U-17 and U-19. The students participate at various competitions such as-:
  3. Inter-House Competitions
  4. District Level Competitions
  5. State Shooting Competitions
  6. Open Shooting Championships
  7. All India IPSC Shooting Competitions/SGFI/CBSE
  8. National Shooting Championships
  9. National Games
  10. International Selection Trials