Students of class VIII visited Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Rampur Farm.

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On 24 November, the students of class VIII visited Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary and Rampur Farm. The main objective of the trip was to create awareness among the students about the need for a dedicated space for wildlife in the modern, overpopulated world. It was an effort to reiterate the need for national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, and protected spaces, which help to conserve the natural world and benefit us all in many ways.

During the visit the students witnessed resident birds such as, common hoopoe, paddyfield pipit, purple sunbird, little cormorant, Eurasian thick-knee, gray francolin and black francolin. They also witnessed migratory birds such as ruff, black winged stilt, common teal, common greenshank, northern pintail, yellow wagtail, white wagtail and northern shoveller.

This trip provided the students a vivid platform to have an integrated study of Geography and Biology, wherein they learnt that the Northern pintail bird migrates from Europe and comes to Sultanpur for breeding. Students also came to know that once Sultanpur was a waterlogged area, but now due to the depleting water levels the water from Yamuna River is pumped to Sultanpur to keep it wet always.

During the visit to Rampur farmhouse students came to know about ethnic village features. Here students took part in adventure activities such as Zipline, Tyre Tunnel; Tyre Hopping; Balancing Bean; Commando Net; Commando Net Travers Wall; Tyre Travers Wall; Double Rope Bridge .The students also enjoyed camel and tonga ride. They also enjoyed traditional food of Haryana.

It was an enriching experience for the students to know how the ecosystem in the Sultanpur bird Sanctuary has evolved as a rich paradise of birds. The important role played by birds in maintaining sustainable population levels of their prey and predator species and in plant reproduction through their services as pollinators or seed dispersers was educative for all. The girls returned with great learning and immense fun.

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