Sunbeam Round Square Conference-2023

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Six Jindalites along with the teacher escort, Ms Sunita Verma, participated in the Round Square International Conference from 17th – 21st August hosted by Sunbeam School, Lahartara, Varanasi. Thirty schools from Bangladesh and India, all gathered under one roof to discuss the theme of the Conference IDEALS- Leadership- ‘Dream, Believe & Achieve’.

The conference comprised insightful sessions, wherein well-read and eminent speakers like Mr Pratish Nair, Mr Vinay Mahajan, Dr Wangchuk Dorjee Negi, Dr. Kannan Gireesh, eloquently explained the essence of a true leader, gratitude, selflessness, service, and how to empower through ‘Cultivating Inspired Minds’. The insightful discussions with the delegates during baraza sessions added value to their learning. Jindalites were immersed in the captivating realm of cinematic storytelling and Ishara Puppet Theatre, led by the celebrated artist, Dadi Pudumjee and his team as they seamlessly blended reality and puppetry, in a spellbinding performance of “Satya ke Pratiroop”. The artistic symposium allowed the participants to harness their creativity and technical prowess.

During their sojourn at Varanasi, the participants also visited Sarnath and Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies and attended a mesmirising Kathakali dance by renowned exponent Mr. Dibyendu Tarafdar.

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