(Teacher I/C – Mr Rakesh Sharma)

The Goals I set for myself in VDJS

A Residential School is not all about academics. It focuses on many other aspects of the personality of its students. And the movement you transcend above the academic, the major area of one’s personality that emerges is – the physical. Rightly said, “The Battle of Waterloo was won at the play fields of Eton.” Games don’t just build up one’s physique, they build up characters. They make friends. They create histories.

Taekwondo training is the only activity perfectly positioned to integrate character education, as Martial Arts simply serves as a vehicle to in stilL values and skills that students can put to use outside of the School. Skills like: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Positive Thinking, Listening Skills, Respect, Good Manners, The Ability to Focus Attention, Perseverance and Courage. The core of Taekwondo stresses the vital importance of a healthy mind and body necessary to lead a productive life.

As a Taekwondo Coach Rakesh Kumar Sharma in Sports Department, I would set for myself a Comprehensive plan for students’ training in Taekwondo martial art. Each student in a residential school. When we talk of a wholesome personality and holistic development. Striking a balance among Academic & Taekwondo martial art Training.

Participation and brilliant performance of my students would be my prime responsibility. My purpose would be to carve leaders out of my students by providing them ample opportunities to play games and bring about their complete mental, social and emotional development. As the Taekwondo Coach, I would completely identify myself with the National Planning of Taekwondo martial art and Recreation which states – “The aim of Taekwondo martial art. Must be to make every child physically, mentally and emotionally fit and also to develop in her such personal and social qualities as will help her to live happily with others and build up a good citizen.” 

Participation: VDJS has introduced Taekwondo at the IPSC level and today the school has over 200 Black belt students

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  3. SGFI
  4. CBSE
  5. National Level
  6. Black belt holders

Taekwondo Coach

Rakesh Kumar Sharma

Black belt 5TH Dan WT South Korea

National Referee & Inter National Medalist