• Generated Resource Learning (GRL) Pedagogy: At VDJS, we follow the Experiential Learning methodology in GRL which uses pedagogical steps that make learning easier, purposeful and active. The pedagogical steps involved are:
    • Start with a Big Question
    • Concrete to abstract
    • Link to real life context
    • Integrate Art and Nature
  • Holistic Learning with the physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects·

The Methodology used is:

  • Starter Activity – for group bonding, to initiate the topic and involves use of different senses, and resources available around including our own body.
  • Main Activity – children are active, group interaction, they have choices, linked to real-life context. Concept building through concrete experience to understand abstract notions.
  • Overall Reflection – Individual reflection and group exchange.

The Process involved in the Main Activity:

  • WHAT
  • HOW
  • WHY