Fine Arts

Name: Abhimanyu Soni
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Fine Arts (PAINTING)
Additional Responsibility: Career Counsellor
Marvellously subtle and meticulous, Mr. Abhimanyu Soni is a Fine art teacher with an MFA (Painting) and B.Ed degree under his belt. He has 5 years of teaching experience and has been associated with VDJS SINCE 2019. Honoured with State Award & Kala Guru Samman by NIFFA, he is a Gold medallist in Painting at National level. He has been showcasing his work in exhibitions at national and international levels. Mr Soni is the creative mind behind the stage decoration and make up for all major school events. He along with his students has also designed the cover pages for school publications. He is on a mission to search and chisel the future Picasso, Hussain & Amrita Shergill by encouraging and honing the skills of his students.
Name: Dr. Suman Poonia
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Art & Craft
Additional Responsibility: I/C Certificate Writing

Dr Suman Poonia is a multifaceted artist with Ph.d in Fine Arts. She has 15 years of teaching experience with 8 years in VDJS. Under her guidance students have received Best Artist Awards in IPSC and other competitions. She believes in developing her students’ individuality by promoting the exploration of authentic new ideas. She encourages them to engage in diverse activities so as to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Her hobbies include listening to music, interior decoration and gardening. It is her dream to set up an “Art Museum” in school where students could display their master pieces forever.

Name: Mr. Biswanath Bhadra
Designation: Primary Teacher
Subject Taught: Sculpture
Additional Responsibility: Mentor

Mr. Biswanath Bhadra, a man of multiple interests, is a passionate sculpture teacher with Masters in Fine Arts. He has been associated with VDJS for five years. Along with conducting the sculpture classes, he also conducts different kinds of workshop for drawing, Origami, Clay Modelling etc. in order to ignite the creativity and imagination of children. He contributes very aesthetically in stage décor and make up of participants on all school functions. His non- academic pursuits are cooking, playing musical instruments and song writing.

Name: Siddhartha Majumder
Designation: Art & Craft (Design) Instructor
Subject Taught: Art & Craft (Design)
Additional Responsibility: Career Counsellor

Mr. Siddharth Majumdar is an accomplished and dexterous teacher of Fine Arts.
He has done Bachelors of Fine Arts (5-years ) with specialisation in Textile Designing from the renowned Viswa Bharati University at Santiniketan . In his pursuance of the ‘Design of the Divine’, he has been mentoring students for seven years and has been associated with VDJS for two years. Prior to his foray into education he has collaborated with ABP GROUP of Kolkata as an art coordinator and fashion designer. As a music enthusiast, he has performed in various musical concerts all over India and acted in a video-film of Rabindra Nath Tagore. He is passionate about music; drama; dance and Cricket.