Name: Mrs Seema Dhillon
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
Additional Responsibility: HOD - IT, Controller of Examinations, School Website
Mrs Seema an MCA and MPhil has been working in VDJS since 1999 and has an experience of teaching various subjects in her field. Believing in ‘moving together’ she has always been a holding hand for the entire staff in technical trainings. As a passionate graphic designer and a multimedia enthusiast, she runs the Multimedia club where students learn designing and video making and contribute in various school events. As a mentor, she always tries to inculcate netiquettes and cyber ethics among the students. Her vision is to educate students in the safe and constructive use of technology in every sphere of their life.
Name: Ms Neelam P Sharma
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Information Technology, Data Science, Web Applications
Additional Responsibility: HM - Holding House

Ms. Neelam has a Master’s degree in Computer Science and has been serving in VDJS since 2003. She is a strong, focussed and passionate Computer Teacher who believes in bringing a change in lives of children. She trains children in Digital Designing, Video Making, 3D Modelling, MS Office and teaches them to handle the computer independently in the Control Room. The videos and powerpoint presentations made by her are much appreciated in all major school events. She has also served Savitri House as an Assistant House Mistress for four years. Her vision is to make every student tech- savvy and ensure that they imbibe the spirit of Universal ethics. She loves to play the flute in her leisure hours.