SCHOOL Counsellor

Name: Ms Nisha, B.A.(Hons.) Applied Psychology, M.A. Psychology ,Post Graduate diploma in Guidance and Counseling, and Certifications in Emotional Intelligence and Psychology of Language .

Designation: Junior Life Skills Counsellor

Additional Responsibility: Child Protection Officer

Ms Nisha is  an optimistic person and believe in seeing the best in people. Her ambition as a school counsellor is to help each student work to their potential and also to assist parents and teachers in achieving this goal. Her experiences as a Counselor have provided her with success in helping students to identify and change their way of thinking and beliefs. In addition, She has assisted students to be aware of automatic
thoughts and have implemented behavioural techniques and cognitive modification.
  She feels strongly that collaborative effort between the counsellor, student, parents/guardians, administration, and teachers is necessary for student success and happiness