Sports Department

Name: Sanjay Sangwan
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject : Physical Education, Hockey
Mr Sangwan has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education. He has over 20 years of coaching experience and has been serving at VDJS since 1999. He holds a diploma in Hockey from NIS Patiala (Punjab). An avid sportsperson he participated in tournaments at various levels. Under his guidance VDJS has won IPSC and CBSE Nationals several times. His students have also participated in All India Nehru Hockey championship. He has mentored over 250 students who participated in SGFI Nationals. The academic performance of students in Physical Education has been outstanding under his supervision. Mr. Sangwan hopes to see his students excel in every aspect and represent Hockey and their school at International platforms.
Name: Rakesh Kumar Sharma
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Sport : Taekwondo, Martial Art

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma is a black belt 5th Dan from Kukkiwon South Korea. He has been serving VDJS since 1996. He has several accomplishments to his credit with some notable ones, being his position as a national referee for the last two decades, Chairman of protocol commission of Qwan Ki Do association of Haryana and member of Koshiki Haryana. He has played a major role in introducing Taekwondo as a competitive sport in IPSC and CBSE Inter-School tournaments. The record number of girls getting black belts and securing admission in prestigious universities by virtue of their performance in Taekwondo is a testimony to his effort. He has been participating in International Taekwondo Championships and conducting workshops and webinars promoting Taekwondo.

Name: Miss Poonam Chauhan
Designation: Volleyball Coach
Sport: Volleyball
Additional Responsibility: Coordinator of Sports & IAYP Coordinator

A university gold medalist Ms. Poonam is an ace Volleyball coach who has been serving VDJS since 2011. She has a Diploma in Sports Coaching in Volleyball. With clarity of communication, enthusiasm, positive attitude and relentless pursuit of excellence, she is able to bring out the best from her students. Under her training the girls have performed exceedingly well in IPSCs and Inter-School tournaments. Her easy connect with girls has helped her shoulder the responsibilities of Assistant House Mistress with absolute felicity. Bringing a perfect mix of love and firmness, she provides the right mentoring to the girls under her care. She enjoys cycling and even led by example by participating in cycling expedition of the school.

Name: Ms Vijay Luxmi
Designation: Yoga Instructor
Subject : Yoga
Additional Responsibilities: Junior NCC – I/C

Ms Vijay Luxmi, is a double MA in Hindi and Yoga. She has also completed her PG Diploma in Yoga and has a B.Ed degree to boot. She has nine years of teaching experience with six years in VDJS. A National level gold medallist herself Ms Vijay has been mentoring girls with great dedication who have brought laurels to school both at national and International level. As Assistant Housemistress she has also contributed meaningfully in the pastoral care domain. Her hobbies include music, dance, travelling and adventure activities. It is her earnest desire to expand the scope and popularity of Yoga by providing opportunities to girls through student exchange programs.

Name: Shrabani Kayal
Designation: Swimming Coach
Sport : Swimming

Shrabani has a coaching diploma from NIS and has done a Professional life Saving Certification course. She has twelve years of teaching experience of which six years are in VDJS. She is proficient in demonstrating the various styles of swimming which have helped her students immensely both for individual as well as team events. She enhances her professional competence by attending courses conducted by the Sports Authority of India and implements them to enhance the skill of her students. Her organizational ability was proven by the successful conduct of IPSC swimming championship for the last three years. She recharges herself by nature walk.

Name: Jai Bhagwan
Designation : Life Guard cum Mess Store clerk

Mr Jai Bhagwan is a graduate from Vinayaka Missions Sikkim University. His other qualifications include a professional life Saving Certification and a First Aid Course from Kolkata. He has 13years of experience and has been serving VDJS since 2014. In the discharging of Life Guard duties he has to not only ensure prevention of injuries but must take appropriate action if they occur. He also looks into the cleanliness and readiness of the pool for the swimmers. In his free time, he assists in the central store in the maintenance of records through ERP. A keen sportsman he enjoys playing all sports, but his passion is basketball. He was a member of the Cycling Expedition Team.

Name: Chandra Mohan Singh
Designation: Band Instructor
Skill taught: Band

After serving in the Indian army for seventeen years, Mr Chandra Mohan has been serving in VDJS since 2018. A highly motivated individual his striving for excellence as Band instructor helped him to be part of the Republic Day parade contingent. He brings with him the core military values of time management and work under minimal supervision. His motivational and organisational skills have helped our students to display their talent in various Inter-School band competitions and bring laurels to the school. He is passionate about adventure sports and relaxes by playing the guitar.

Name: Kshatriya Sandeep Kumar
Designation: Football Coach
Sport : Football

“When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.
An educator and fitness icon Mr. Sandeep is a Graduate, B.P Ed and holds a degree of Diploma in sports coaching from NSNIS (Patiala). He is also a licensed coach of Asian Football confederation & All India Football Federation. He strongly believes in creating a healthier world for all and capitalises on his profound knowledge of fitness to achieve this goal. With an impressive sports record of winning accolades in the Santosh trophy, nationals, states and many professional soccer clubs, he has been able to raise the standard of the game in school. In 2019 he was appointed as a coach of Indian Women’s League team. A dynamic and pleasant demeanour coupled with expertise in counselling children has endeared him to staff and students alike. With interests ranging from swimming, cycling, reading to photography he epitomizes the best of a Public school master.

Name: Mr Dhirgpal Singh Sajwan
Designation: Shooting Coach
Sport : Shooting
Additional Responsibility : I/C Store Sports

Mr Dhirgpal Singh Sajwan is an ISSF shooter and has 14-year experience as a coach. He has a Master’s degree in Sociology and has been serving VDJS since March 2020. He was part of the Indian Shooting Team and participated six times in nationals and went for International Trial thrice. The highlight of his competitive career is winning 2 Silver and 1 individual Bronze Medal during the 52nd and 53rd National Shooting championship. His training reflects in the prowess of his students who have gone on to represent the country at International events. It is his constant endeavor to help his students develop into well rounded, confident and responsible individuals who achieve their true potential.

Name: Pinky Kumari
Designation: Badminton Coach
Sport : Badminton

Ms Pinky is a post graduate in Commerce who has played competitive badminton at state and national level with several wins to her credit. She has a coaching diploma in Badminton from NIS, Patiala. She won the Punjab State Badminton championship and was a part the Punjab University Badminton team. She has two years’ experience as an accountant and seven years’ experience as a Badminton coach in sports academies and schools. She joined VDJS in February 2020. She enjoys dancing, travelling to new places and expanding her knowledge.

Name: Rajesh Kumar Grewal
Designation: Basketball Coach
Sport : Basketball

Mr Rajesh Kumar Grewal is an Ex-serviceman from Indian Army, joined VDJS as a Basketball Coach on April 01, 2023.  He has Bachelor Degree in Physical Education and a Post Graduate one year Diploma in Sports Coaching in Basketball. Prior to join VDJS, he had worked in Indian Army for 18 years in various fields and also worked as a Basketball Coach for 08 years to trained the Army Team. He got a Commendation Certificate from Chief of the Army Staff during Coaching Period in Jat Regimental Centre in Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh). He also have the Handball Certificate Course from NSNIS, Patiala and Yoga Certificate Course from LNIPE, Gwalior. 


Mr Rajesh Kumar Grewal is a National Player in Basketball and Qualified National Referee  in BFI and HFI. Many of his trainees have got selected in the Army and service Team, his students participated in the National Team.  Mr Rajesh Kumar Grewal is a disciplined, hardworking and diligent coach.