Science and Home Science

Ms Shakila Banu, M.Sc, B.Ed.
Designation: Dean Students Welfare and Activities
Subject: Chemistry

Mrs. Shakila Banu has a Masters degree and B.Ed in Chemistry. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience in a residential school set up and have handled multiple portfolios during her tenure. She has a keen interest in sports and co-curricular activities. Her past experiences in educational administration, academics, admissions and as a pastoral care provider is of a great advantage and she is an asset to the institution. She believes that every child has an innate potential and we as educators are committed to create opportunities to bring out their best. She aspires to create a set environment meeting the educational demands of 21st century and play a more meaningful role in raising students as lifelong learners.

Name: Ms Erina Mehta
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Biology

Ms Erina Mehta is a passionate Biology teacher with Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s in Botany. With eighteen years of teaching experience, she has been serving VDJS for the last fourteen years. She endeavours to simplify scientific concepts to foster a love for the subject in her students. She loves cooking, embroidery, and dancing. She wishes her students to be scientifically informed, caring, and responsible individuals who can think critically and make the right choices for themselves, environment and society.

Name: Dr Gagan Deep
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Chemistry
Additional Responsibility : ASSET I/C

Dr Gagan Deep is a passionate teacher with M. Sc., Ph. D and B. Ed Degrees. With seventeen plus years of experience in teaching Chemistry in schools of National and International repute, he joined VDJS in March 2020. So far, his twelve research papers have been published in reputed International Journals of Science. He has enjoyed teaching Chemistry to Secondary and Senior Secondary students, which has allowed him to gain substantial knowledge and expertise in educating adolescents. His friendly personality and calm temperament are perfectly harmonious with the requirements of an ideal teacher. Dr Gagandeep believes that in order to transform dependent learners into independent learners, there has to be a healthy teacher-taught bonding.

Name: Mr Kapil Marhetta
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Physics, I/C-Atal Tinkering Lab

Mr Kapil Marhetta has a Masters Degree in Technology with specialization in Electronics Engineering. With five years of teaching experience, he joined VDJS in July 2020. Adept at arousing students’ interest in Physics, Mr. Marhetta is magical in assisting students for finding solutions to the problems wherever Physics is involved directly or indirectly. Under his guidance, several students have presented their exhibits at National Level CBSE Exhibitions, and he has been recognised by CBSE in 2020 for being an excellent mentor to the students. Mr Kapil specializes in making subject based animation videos using special visual effects to ensure better comprehension by the students. He enjoys every opportunity that comes his way to hold new demonstrations, invent new derivations, and solve numerical problems.

Name: Mrs Geeta Verma
Designation: Post Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Chemistry
Additional Responsibility: PTM Co-ordinator

Ms Geeta Verma is an M.Sc., B.Ed with 19 years’ experience of teaching Senior Secondary classes. A passionate teacher she has also been a coaching expert for 19 years assisting many Medical and Engineering aspirants to crack NEET and JEE exams. She is the proud recipient of the Best Teacher award by Dainik Bhaskar in 2014 and the “My Favourite Guru, my rock star” award by FM Radio in 2017. Ms Verma also received a letter of appreciation from HRD and education ministry for good results. Her endeavour is to ignite passion and curiosity in her students leading them to become independent learners. With a keen desire to make Chemistry enjoyable and application based she focuses on strengthening of core concepts. Constantly upskilling herself and reading remain her abiding pursuits.

Name: Ms Neelam Sharma
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Science, Biology, Environmental Science

Additional Responsibility: Coordinator- Event mangement

Ms Neelam is an enthusiastic and innovative Science teacher with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Microbiology. With 13 years of experience in teaching Science, she has been serving VDJS since 2010. She is a dynamic persona with diverse interests. A yoga enthusiast, she was the force behind the first Yoga team of school. Her love for nature has helped her establish the School’s botanical garden.

Ms Sharma’s strength lies in creative thinking which culminated in children’s participation and subsequent achievement in the National Science Congress in the session 2019-20. In carrying out her duties as Housemistress, she played a vital role in shaping the personalities of many a young girl. Being a Middle School Coordinator, Ms Sharma envisions her students to be a better version of themselves with each passing day.

Name: Ms Seema Singh
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Physics

Additional Responsibility: HM- Sarojini House

Ms Seema Singh is an enthusiastic Science teacher with M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed. & M.Ed Degrees. She has eleven years of enriching experience of teaching in all four corners of the country. In her four years of association with VDJS, she has served the institution in different capacities viz. as I/C PTM, the Senior School Coordinator and in the pastoral team as the Assistant Housemistress of Kasturba House. She is a proud recipient of The Best Teacher’s award by AKS Education Awards. Apart from teaching Science, her fondness lies in cooking and exploring historical sites. With the unenviable task of handling one of the most dreaded subjects, she endeavours to simplify the concepts of Physics and Chemistry to foster a love for these subjects in her students.

Name: Tanu Tiwari
Designation: Trained Graduate Teacher
Subject Taught: Biology
Additional Responsibility: HOD - Science

With a Master’s in Science (Zoology), Bachelor’s in Education, and an experience of 16 years of working in the country’s reputed boarding schools, Ms Tanu Tiwari joined VDJS in February 2019. Be it facilitating students in Biology or reading enthusiastically; she loves working with young minds. She has a wide range of hobbies, including dance, music and trekking. A proud recipient of a letter of appreciation from HRD and Education Ministry, of the Government of India, Ms. Tanu has been involved with IPSC Service Projects and IAYP adventure activities. A passionate mentor, she directs all her efforts towards making her students better human beings.

Name: Ms Shravani Ganti
Designation: Environmental Studies Teacher
Subject Taught: Environmental Studies, Science
Additional Responsibility: I/C Atal Tinkering Lab

Ms Shravani Ganti is a dedicated Environmental Studies teacher who strongly believes that teaching Science through activities at a young age goes a long way in developing scientific temperament among children. With B.Sc. and B.Ed. Degrees, she has been serving VDJS for the last seven years. Her interest in electronics led her to avail a training from ATL Unbox, a tinkering partnership by IBM and Niti Aayog, Govt. of India.

Ms Ganti is currently taking care of VDJS Atal Tinkering Lab, where she aims at developing young Jindalites’ interest for electronics at a young age. By dint of her hard work and sheer determination she has been recognised as one among the Best Ten ATL In-charges in Haryana State. Besides Science, her interest lies in cooking South Indian dishes.

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