The Birth Anniversary of Smt Vidya Devi Ji & the Blessing Ceremony

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12th of February, a red letter day in the annals of VDJS, a day marked with prayers, sacred offerings and a shower of blessings by the divine souls for the energetic and evolving young minds, was celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of our beloved patron, Smt Vidya Devi Jindal ji. A Havan Pooja was performed and with the holy flames and the chanting of mantras, the ambiance reverberated with purity and piety. The VDJS community fondly remembered the inspiring soul and sought divine blessings.

The auspicious day also marks the beginning of a new tradition at VDJS, the Blessing Ceremony for Class XII. The girls of the outgoing batch of 2022-23 were blessed for their endeavours, goals, and successful future by the VDJS fraternity. The potentials of Class XII were called individually and blessed and presented with the mark of honour, the tilak, the ang vastra and a memento of Maa Saraswati Devi for a prosperous life by the Mentors, Ma’am Principal, Ms Shalini Mehrotra, and Sir Administrator, Mr Nikhil Rudra. The ceremony came to a close with a belief in the hope that all the aspirations of the outgoing batch of 2022-23 come true and may they attain tremendous heights in the future.