Training Session on Stress Management by My Peegu

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On 4th May a training session on Stress Management was conducted for teachers by My Peegu. The resource person was  Ms Anagha K.A.(Associate psychologist). The hour long session was aimed at equipping the teachers with the necessary skill set so that ,not only do they learn to deal with their own stresses but are also able to identify symptoms of stress in the students.

The Training session threw light on what stress is and its types, causes and signs. The need to be watchful of physiological, behavioural changes in an individual was spoken about. The importance of being able to identify one’s stressors and gradually moving towards reframing, developing coping mechanisms and mastering problem solving was emphasised. The imperative of moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset was also discussed.

The session was interactive and was interspersed with activities. It had a perfect culmination in a guided imagery training to the accompaniment of nature sounds. We are confident that our teachers feel better equipped to become strong emotional anchors for the students in these fraught times.

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