Training Workshop for Teachers on Design Thinking

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A training session was organised for teachers on ' Design Thinking' in Community Hall on 2
Nov. Mr Rahul Dahiya was the resource person. Rahul is an alum of IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore and ISB Hyderabad. Rahul is currently Director-Corporate Affairs & Strategy, Universal Business School, Mumbai. 
Rahul is “Marshall Goldsmith certified corporate trainer”.
Design thinking encompasses processes such as context analysis, problem finding and framing, ideation
and solution generating, creative thinking, sketching and drawing, modelling and prototyping, testing and evaluating .]Core features of design thinking include abilities to:
* resolve ill-defined or 'wicked' problems
* adopt solution-focused strategies
* use abductive and productive reasoning
* employ non-verbal, graphic/spatial modelling media, for example, sketching and prototyping.
Mr Rahul explained how design thinking is used in business and education that will equip us as a
teacher for future demands of education. He explained with evidence that we have to constantly change according to future demands of the education industry and changing technology and jobs. He also explained emotional intelligence with components of design thinking-Empathsise-define-ideate-prototype-test with practical examples and discussion. Teachers enjoyed this new critical and complex concepts and participated enthusiastically.

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