Universal Ethics Education Workshop for Staff

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Teachers of classes VI-VII attended a four-day online workshop on Universal Ethics Education conducted by Ayurgyan Nyas from 23rd April to 26th April 2022. In the all-encompassing sessions, the keynote speakers Ms Syeda Sana, Ms Deeksha and Ms Anshu put forward the relevance and the dire need to understand and practice UEE in this day and age. Through dialogue and deliberation and various activities, like role play, in the breakout rooms, the attendees reached an understanding about the pivotal role of UEE in helping students develop interpersonal skills, enhance self-awareness and change their outlook towards school, community and relationships.

Other important aspects of human behaviour like afflictive emotions and their effect, assessing one’s emotions, trigger-routine behaviour and reward, turbulent emotions and their antidotes, the difference between virtues and qualities, patience and enhancement of virtues, generosity and contentment were also dealt comprehensively. It was an enlightening workshop to assist the educators in the promotion of the well-being of the global community at the school level.

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