Vasudha- The Earth Fest

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The School hosted the 5th edition of Vasudha- The Earth Fest on 28th April. 14 leading schools from different parts of the country participated in the event, which was held virtually this time. The participants sent video entries of four events namely Hindi and English elocution, Western Solo Singing and Miniature Garden Making. In alignment with the nature of the Fest the theme for each competitive event was related to environment and nature.

Environmental consciousness is an integral part of the VDJS ethos. Vasudha owes its provenance to our desire to create a platform for promoting sensitivity towards nature and spark the mind of the students towards responsible citizenship. Our past editions comprised thought provoking debates, discussions, quizzes, art competitions in order to give the students a creative outlet for all their ideas.

This year due to the constraints of the virtual mode the events were given the necessary tweaks but as always the students from the participating schools astounded us with their phenomenal talent. From delightful renditions of nature poetry in Hindi and English, to soulful melodies and breathtakingly beautiful miniature gardens the students gave a brilliant display of their talent and creativity. The entries have been sent for judgement to a distinguished panel of judges. The result will be announced in a few days from now.


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