Vedic Math Workshop

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76 students of Classes VI-VIII attended an Online Vedic Math Workshop on Feb 03, 2021. In the course of the workshop the students were given a brief introduction about Vedic Math and its Founder “Shri Shri Bharti Krishan Tirthji Maharaj”. The introduction of the two sutras; EKADHIKEN PURVEN and NIKHILAM was followed by practice sessions. The girls got hands on practice of multiplication of two digits and finding the square of numbers ending with 5 using EKADHIKEN PURVEN. They also learnt the use of NIKHILAM to multiply with 9’s(2, 3,4, …….9 digits). Learning the easy method for dodging tables using SHUNYANTAM was fun for all. The students participated enthusiastically and were able to give very quick responses making use of the tricks and strategies taught.

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