Virtual Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

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Sanjeevani Aggarwal, Chitrakshi, Vandana Goyal, Vidhi Aryan, Arya Kejriwal, Vanshika Patwari, Sneha, Kopal Rungta, Sneha Majoka, Cheshta and Manvi Kejriwal and two members of the faculty Mr Vinayak Mohan and Mr Raza Qasim participated in the Virtual Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony on January 29, 2021, conducted by United Nations in collaboration with the Government of India, Germany, Israel, Slovakia and Poland. The theme for the same was Facing the Aftermath: Recovery and reconstitution after the holocaust. The interactive session focused on providing information as well as answering the vital question- Why is it important for today’s generation to be aware of the holocaust?

Students were delighted to listen to the musings of  thirteen year old girl (Anne Frank) shared by the member of Embassy of Germany. The Q/A round was enriching as it opened a platform for all to interact with the officials and know more about the Holocaust situation and crisis.

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