Visit of VDJS Staff to Anand Sarovar, Mount Abu

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VDJS staff and the Principal, Ms. Naina Dhillon, attended the life-empowering Rajyog Shivir at  Anand Sarovar, Mount Abu, from 3rd-7th July 2023. The FDP initiated with the visit to the serene blue water of Nakki Lake, the intricate marble beauty of Dilwara Jain Temples, and insightful learnings about self and the surroundings at Gyan Sarovar, Spiritual Gallery, Pandav Bhavan of Brahma Kumari Mission.
The  Rajyog Shivir at Shantivan was laden with thought-provoking learning. Jindalites along with numerous attendees from across the country learned about the inception and establishment of BK in India and abroad by Brahma Baba, Shri Lekhraj Kriplani ji, since 1937.
During the shivir, many renowned spiritual mentors apprised the participants about the significance of spirituality in daily life, and how to inculcate positive thoughts to live a healthy life with positive relationships. They showed a number of short videos and animations and further emphasised changing and focusing on oneself to see the desired changes in the universe by attaining the powerful eight: detachment, packing up, tolerance, accommodation, discernment, judgment, facing challenges, and cooperation. The BK mentors also deliberated in detail about the quality of human life in four Yugas- Satyug, Treta, Dwapar, and Kalyug, and shared a simplified version of the teachings of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita to be followed and practiced in the present time to lead a purposeful life.  The wisdom discerned from the shivir laid a roadmap for the teachers on how to forge a healthy and progressive balance between their personal and professional life while being in sync with the supreme with the help of meditation and service to society.

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