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A group of 78 students of class -IX accompanied by eight teachers visited the National Rail Museum, New Delhi on Tuesday 3rd October. The museum building displayed various artefacts, which could vividly illustrate the history and evolution of Indian Railways. The introduction of Railways brought about drastic changes in the lifestyle of people and resource utilisation patterns, across the world. India has a lead when compared to other Asian countries in the establishment of railway networks. But our nation’s prioritisation of providing service at a very low price had neglected the technological advancements and innovation which some Asian powers had made their forte. The students were able to understand the strength, weakness, challenges and opportunity faced by Indian Railways. Students also experienced a short ride in the makeshift Narrow Gauge Joy Train. The Museum demonstrated the improvement in the Train signalling system. After seeing the Museum students took a round of the Railway yard and witnessed the various railway engines and carriages kept there for public notice. Students also asked some very interesting questions to enhance their knowledge on the subject. While returning students also saw Pragati Mandapam, the venue of recently concluded G-20 Summit.

The students learnt many things, which are often ignored in the text books and had a lifetime experience.