Visit to Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram

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To foster self-awareness and holistic well-being among students, Jindalites from Class X embarked on a spiritual visit to the Om Shanti Retreat Centre, Gurugram from 26th-28th April with the teacher escorts. The girls attended multiple enlightening sessions conducted by the BK Sisters who exhorted the importance of self-awareness and meditation in personal and academic growth and stress management. They briefed Jindalites about the significance of gratitude and mental clarity. Various activities, discussions, and guided meditations were conducted to encourage students to reflect on their values, beliefs, and personal goals. Students toured the flourishing campus immersed in tranquility, along with the art gallery which exhibited the ideology of the Brahma Kumaris. The experience was enriching and well-received by students, highlighting the importance of incorporating holistic approaches to education.