Webinar on topic “Reinventing Public Transport and Mobility in the ‘New  Normal’”

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On 25th May Dr Santosh  Kumar Mishra attended a Webinar on the topic “Reinventing Public Transport and Mobility in the ‘New  Normal’”

This was hosted by the Center for Science and Environment under a panel of Mr Alok Jain MD Transport Asia Ltd, Hongkong  and Ms Arundita Dey Chowdhray Executive Director Research and Advisory on Air Pollution. Around 700 participants across the world participated in this webinar. The main agenda of the webinar was that as India prepares to end the lockdown and reopen public transport systems, the immediate focus would be on hygiene, sanitation and social distancing. But what would be critical to consider at this juncture is how we manage our public transport and mobility in a world of the ‘new normal’. How can we devise and implement a sustained strategy for improving public transport to control overcrowding, design fiscal packages to revive and augment public transport services, increase use of IT for cashless transaction and service operations, while ensuring better digital data management for improved services. At the same time, how can public transport be linked with enhanced strategies for walking and cycling like other cities in the world are doing. It was an educative experience


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