Mental Wellbeing & Life Skills

Mental Wellbeing is not a DESIRE, its rather a NEED. Same as safety and security, for which our school is widely known, Mental health of all the members is our prime focus. For a child, presence of an adult renders a safety that can be felt, a shelter wherethey can relax and a hand which they can innocently hold in times of need. Being a girls’ school, we have round the clock presence of female staff with a wide range of skillset and professionalism to cater to the diverse requirements of our girls.

Apart from mere presence, to cater to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of the girls, there is availability of a residential counsellor on the campus. The Dean of Student’s Welfare and Discipline heads the Pastoral Care to ensure their holistic wellbeing. Students have various platforms to express and nurture themselves under the able guidance of skilled professionals. To address various psychological and life concerns, various individual and group sessions are periodically organized.

The Life Skills Counselling classes are conducted each week to develop and polish the various life skills which are as follows.

These classes are enriched with reflective questions, life dilemma discussions, debates on ethical issues etc. which lead to the development of overall temperament of those who are the future of the nation.