Wellbeing sessions for the school by Brahma Kumaris

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For the first time, on-campus Wellbeing sessions were conducted for the students (Classes- VII, VIII, IX & XI) and the staff by the Brahma Kumaris on 16 November, 2021. The sessions for the staff and Classes IX & XI were led by BK Sunaina, and the session for Classes VII & VIII were conducted by BK Parul. The students had an enriching session on the topic ‘7 Billion Acts of Goodness-Goodness Returns’. A discussion on core values of life complemented by a few heart-warming videos helped in a better understanding of the core values. The girls were educated about inherent goodness, self-knowledge and inner-strength which redounds to real success and a harmonious life.                                                                                                                                                              The theme of the session for the staff was ‘Stay Well, Go Well’, wherein Sister Surnaina brought to the spotlight -‘Change’, an absolute imperative to deal with adversities and challenges. She also advocated the practice of ‘Contribution’  by devoting quality time, advice, positive energy and support to one’s  relationships with others in alignment with the Law of the Universe. ‘The more we give the more we get.’  The session helped the staff to rethink and reorganize their approach to life, both personal and professional.

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