Health & Wellness

The Wellness Centre at VDJS is committed to providing comprehensive medical and physiotherapy treatment and health education to the students.

A female Resident Medical Officer leads the medical team comprising of two Nurses, one Pathology Lab Technician, one Physiotherapist and an attendant. A visiting Orthodontist also provides services on a monthly basis. The medical team adopts preventive, curative, and other self-care strategies to ensure students’ wellness in the school premises. It also maintains a medical history of each student for reference.

Every student at the time of admission is to be declared medically fit for a residential school life by the School resident medical officer for confirmation of her admission to school. The out – patient as well as in – patient services are provided to all the students and staff. For specialist opinion and advanced medical aid, student or staff member along with the Wellness Centre nurse is referred to the Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences, Hisar.

The Wellness Center is fully equipped with semi fowler beds and all other necessary medical aids. It has the provision of two General Wards and one Isolation Ward. Special diet is also followed for the girls admitted in the Wellness Centre. The Wellness Centre is equipped with an Ambulance for emergency.