Workshop on Educator’s Emotional Intelligence

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1 November 2019

A workshop on educator’s emotional intelligence was conducted by the school counsellor. The workshop touched upon the major domains of the emotional quotient. It started with a traditional song, portraying a graded story, followed by a spin-a-yarn activity. Both these tasks helped all understand the way emotions get transacted and are spun into one-another, at times leading to a spill-over. A discussion about how we can avoid the spill and intelligently manage the emotional pile took place. Emotion-identification and acceptance being another integral part of the emotional quotient, was taken up by an Antaksharimusical catharsis activity wherein the groups of teachers sung songs pertaining to a particular emotion (referring to a classroom scenario) which was thereafter identified by the following team. All the educators developed a situational understanding about various difficult-to-handle emotions. To sum it all up, the educators appeared for an EQ test to be able to better understand their personal domains of EQ. The EQ test was followed by an interactive discussion about classroom emotional management.

Parul Dhingra

Life Skills Counsellor

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