Workshop on Implementation of NEP

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A comprehensive session on the ‘Implementation of NEP’ was spearheaded by Dr Dinesh Sharma, Headmaster PPS Nabha, for the staff on 11th January in the Auditorium.  Dr Sharma is a Resource Person for CBSE and has contributed to the framing of the NEP 2020. He shared in detail the significance of NEP to transforming society by producing competent human resources at the institutes of learning. Aided with a digital presentation and thought-provoking interactions during the session, he emphasised the importance of knowledge, skill, education, and cognitive, social, and emotional development in nurturing productive citizens for the future. He also elucidated the role of respect for diversity, local tradition, equity and inclusion, critical thinking, and creativity for the holistic development of a child to prepare him/her for life. The insightful session guided the staff to remodel their approach to the various tools of the education system that are imperative for building up a society based on the ethos of fundamental principles.