World Environment Day

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World Environment Day was observed on 5th June in the form of a non competitive Inter House Seminar on the topic The use of modern technology to reverse the damage done to nature. Two students from each House presented their paper bringing out several important issues like causes and consequences of climate change and the steps taken to remedy the situation. Having put in very extensive research the girls shared several innovations made by individuals and organizations aimed at addressing the issue of ecological damage. It was interesting to know about smart grid, biodegradable plastic, fake meat, portable turbine, air ink convertor among several other inventions. It was a proud moment to know the large number of eco crusaders from among us with Noor Beniwal of Class XII working for Fridays for Future and Rashi Barnwal having designed her own Pollution Catcher. All the participants found the preparation phase for the seminar very educative and are determined to do their bit for environmental conservation through both reducing their own carbon footprint as well as increasing awareness in the society at large.

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