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The School hosted the Round Square Zoom postcard on 24th February. The theme was “Be a Rainbow in Someone’s Cloud”. Over 100 participants from 18 Round Square schools in India, Bangladesh, Armenia, Romania and South Africa attended the same. Kumkum Suneja, Shruti Kamalia, Ashna Pathak, Yashi Singh, Sanjeevani Agarwal and Shambhavi Satyal led the discussions. The call began with a poll asking the participants their favourite colour of the rainbow. This was followed by a freewheeling conversation exhorting them to share the reasons for their preferences. Many interesting interpretations poured in ranging from philosophical to personal to spiritual and even humorous. It was fascinating to hear what the different colours symbolised for the members. Thereafter the hosts went on to share some heartwarming stories of altruism from India. The focus of the talk was the good Samaritan acts by individuals to bring warmth and cheer in the lives of others during the times of distress, specially the pandemic. The breakout rooms carried the same discussion ahead. The hosts shared stories of kindness and compassion from all across the globe as the starting point for encouraging the sharing of experiences by all present. It was wonderful to hear how individuals, communities and organisations had stepped in to alleviate the sense of gloom and doom whenever it was most needed. The session concluded with the moderators telling about the Blitz Club that they had started for the students of their school. The main takeaway of the call was the feeling that the darkest of clouds can be dealt with, as long as we step up for each other.

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