"Life may not lead you where you want, but have faith; you are exactly where you meant to be…”

VDJS is not an institution but a way of life. We are a happy school and for us happiness lies in the core of all that we do. For the Jindalites, it’s a home away from home. The Centre of Academic Excellence, purely vegetarian cuisine, extensive opportunities for cultural and sporting activities, exposure to truly global education, alliances with IPSC, NPSC, Round Square, Generation Global, INTACH, and the British Council make the dream of a holistic education possible for any girl who chooses to be a part of it.

VDJS is a non-profit organization located at 16 K.M. Stone on Delhi Road, Hisar (NH-10), and is spread on a campus of over 47 acres. It is a CBSE affiliated English medium residential institution for girls, started in 1984.

Boarders not only get world-class academic programme, but also have time to enjoy a wide range of sports and activities along with childhood freedoms within secure four walls of the school. Being together in boarding with other children fosters rich life experiences, important inter and intra-personal skills, time management, great friendships under the able guidance of dedicated adults in a warm community.

There are over 700 girls at VDJS under 4 sections of the School – Primary (Grade IV-V), Middle
(VI to VIII), Secondary (IX and X) and Senior Secondary (XI-XII). Class sizes vary depending on year group, but they are generally quite small with 25-30 girls per section.

The school has 75 qualified and experienced teachers from all over the country and trained administrative staff of approximately 45 members residing inside the Campus to provide 24×7 guidance to girls. The students, teachers and staff work together to develop a unique blend.

Our experience is that in general children adapt better to boarding earlier rather than later. Starting together in class 4, boarders quickly feel at home.

A child can avail three days of casual leave in an academic session. Medical Leaves are provided on the recommendation of the School resident doctor. The detailed information regarding mode of application for leave is given in the Student Code of Conduct booklet, which will be provided at the time of admission. Parents are also permitted to visit the school on their daughter’s birthday and can take her for a day out. Apart from this, the child goes home for around 90 days in a year during summer vacation, Diwali break, and winter vacation. During Sundays and other holidays, a rigorous activity / entertainment schedule is in place to be followed by the girls. Frequent outings and meetings with parents are not permitted during the session, but there are House Parent Meets and Parent Teacher Meetings calendared across the year to provide opportunity to the parents to visit school and meet their child.

Sundays are busier than other weekdays. Boarders pursue activities, social service programme, and sports as per their interest. They even have different types of entertainment programmes or outings in the city organized by their house mistress or mentors.

The boarders have easy and frequent contact with their parents. Each boarder has an email address, and she can send/receive emails to their parents. They are entitled for a half an hour weekly call to their parents, which is facilitated by their house staff. For this purpose, they are given personal mobile handsets, which remains in their house staff’s custody during the week.

Parents have direct contact with the boarder’s Mentor, and House Mistress. It is advisable to contact them in the evenings and during given timings, as during day they all are involved in rigorous academic and activity schedule with children. However, in case of emergency they can be contacted any time of the day. Parents are encouraged to write emails regarding any area of their child’s school life to the respective head of that vertical.

The girls tell us that the food is delicious! Our catering team works hard to provide a wide variety of vegetarian food ranging from Indian, Chinese and continental cuisine and also caters for girls with special dietary requirements or allergies. Students enjoy weekly cafeteria and Sunday tuck in addition to nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner catered in the Dining Hall as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

You may view the recent activities and updates of our school by clicking on the Important Updates Section of our school website. Moreover, a hard copy of the school calendar is given to the girls at the beginning of each new session and the soft copy is also available on the website.

We have small mentor groups (10-12 girls) and your child’s mentor will keep in regular contact with you. We also send home progress reports every quarter, after Unit tests and mid-term and a full progress report at the end of each term. If you have any concerns, questions, or just want to know how your child is progressing or settling in, Housemistress or Mentor will be happy to help you at any point in the term.

The school offers admissions from IV to IX and XI under the 10+2 pattern of the CENTRAL BOARD OF SECONDARY EDUCATION (CBSE), New Delhi, to which the institution has been affiliated. The detailed information is given under ‘Admissions’ on the website.

Boarding at VDJS is very popular. So, it is advisable to register your interest as early as possible. To find out more about boarding at VDJS or to organize a tour of the School, write to admissions@vdjs.edu.in


The height and structure of our perimeter wall, including the barbed wire, concertina coil, and fencing, are secured as per the CBSE norms. The school has ex-army men as security staff supported by technology. 120 CCTVs covering different locations ensure proper surveillance. In addition to it, the Boarding Houses register the entry and exit of the boarders through Biometrics several times a day. Our pastoral and teaching staff is always present around providing healthy supervision to students at all times of the day. Visitors are allowed on campus only with prior permission by the authorities, with their entry and exit recorded at the main gate. Their entry into Boarding Houses is strictly prohibited. Plans to tackle different disasters exist and are routinely in place. The school conducts Disaster Management Drills from time to time for staff and students. Two Teachers on Duty per day are fully accountable for the smooth functioning of the day and for bringing to light any discrepancy they might have noticed. In addition, the girls get educated about ensuring their safety and are equipped with the necessary skills. Martial Arts Training is given to girls so that they are accountable and well- equipped for their safety. Workshops on awareness about the POCSO act are conducted for the girls regularly to educate them about the proper handling of hazardous situations.


Food is our USP. Anyone who tastes the food of the VDJS mess would instantly fall in love with it. We provide 100% vegetarian meals to our girls. The menu is a popular mix of Indian, Continental, and Chinese cuisine, in consultation with a dietician. Students’ feedback is registered daily and modified to strike a healthy balance between taste and nutrition. The School Mess Committee has periodic meetings wherein suggestions from the student body are received, and every reasonable gastronomic wish is accommodated. The weekend bonanza is Saturday’s movie with popcorn and coffee and Sunday tuck.
An air-conditioned Cafeteria par excellence compliments the fast-food craving that the other residential students may feel deprived of being away from home. McDonald's, Dominos, Subway, and other popular food joints cater to students' need for weekly outings from regular meals. The menu is decided in consultation with the Café committee and is revised periodically following the feedback received.

The meals always start and finish with the grace this instils in students’ gratitude for the meals they receive and sets the basic dining etiquette.

Dining Etiquette workshops are conducted by the School Mess Managers for the junior and middle school students at the start of the academic term. The students are taught the correct use of cutlery and other table manners through hands-on practice.

The teachers have meals with the students to demonstrate appropriate Dining practices and awareness about no wastage of food in a non-formal way while enjoying a meal with them.

The recommendation for a special diet comes from the school doctor on a need basis. The same is served in the school dining hall to students who are allergic to some food items or require a sports-specific diet.

The Wellness Center is equipped with a small kitchen and dining facility which caters to the individual-specific diet requirements of the children admitted.

If the student has been suggested special dietary requirements by a personal dietician, the parents must share the prescription and the diet chart with the School Doctor for necessary action.


The school has a well-equipped Wellness Centre, and minor/seasonal instances of ill-health are dealt with at the school level without causing any undue alarm to the parents. When the child is admitted to the Wellness Centre, the parents are informed via email on the same day. In such situations, the parents can call the doctor from 5 pm-7 pm to take health updates about their child. They can also speak to the child during the sanctioned hours.

If a need is felt to refer the child to the Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences, the parents are informed of the same by phone, and their consent for further treatment is sought by the school doctor.

We sanction medical leave to the student for specialised treatments like orthodontics or in cases of diseases that require long recovery time and need complete rest. For any other ailment, the school provides the best medical care.
To apply for Medical Leave, parents must send a mail to the School Doctor at rmo@vdjs.edu.in mentioning the dates and duration of the leave along with complete details of their child viz. Class, House, and Admission Number and the treatment required. If the medical leave is recommended by the School Doctor, parents are requested to respond promptly.
In case of an existing medical condition, for which the child is under medication, parents must hand over the prescription and medicines to the School Doctor. The nursing staff of the Wellness Centre administers the medicine according to the prescribed dosage. We do not allow any allopathic medicines to be in the possession of our students.
The School has a 20 bedded Wellness Centre and an isolation ward. 24×7 medical care is ensured with the presence of nursing staff and attendants while the child is admitted. The doctor keeps regular monitoring of the health of the child. The pastoral team of the student’s House also visits her during the period of admission for a more personalised feel. The students recuperate under efficient medical care and warmth. A moderate dose of entertainment is provided by allowing Television viewing time during leisure hours.

Academics/Career Guidance/ Future Preparedness/ Life after VDJS

Being CBSE affiliated school, the students get ample opportunities to participate in various interschool, state, and national level conclaves, quizzes, workshops, and competitions organised by the CBSE in all academic courses. Our students also participate in several national-level competitions organised by private and government agencies like Olympiads, INSPIRE, ASSET, NTSE, etc.
The students partake in hobbies and various co-curricular activities throughout their school years. In addition, IT skills, sporting excellence, foreign language proficiency, and sound grounding of life skills give them a competitive edge. National & international platforms provide our girls an opportunity to showcase their talents and to interact with a larger community. That redounds to good communication skills, leadership ability, problem-solving approach, and other 21st century skills tested in top colleges of India or Abroad.

The students undergo a regular scientific psychometric assessment which helps in the identification of their interest, aptitude, and personality type. One-on-one counselling provides personalised guidance plus individual goal plan implementation. The students get exposure to various courses, colleges, and their admission process through webinars, workshops, internships, summer programmes, exchanges, career talks, University Career Fairs, and conferences. The Careers department releases their monthly Career Newsletter that is available on the school website.

The Psychometric Assessment offered by Univariety Career Portal serves as a great tool in assisting students in selecting their stream or shortlisting top colleges. Many of our accomplished alumnae from different fields also step in to offer guidance to our students.

We work towards making our students future-ready from early classes. The real thrust begins from Class VIII onwards when they start learning Financial Literacy, IT, Logical & Numerical abilities, Language proficiency through exams, like SAT, IELTS, PTE, etc. Their achievements, certificates, awards, participation in national and international events help build their profile. A strong profile is a key to top universities of the world, where many of them earn scholarships on the strength of their accomplishments.
We help our students prepare for competitive exams like IELTS, SAT, Olympiads, Engineering, NEET, JEE, Law, Journalism, and Management by providing online classes for specialised coaching through outsourced experts. Subject experts from school also extend their services post-school for the same.
Girls acquire life skills through formal and non-formal ways in school. The day of a Jindalite begins with a mindfulness session taken by the mentor. As they navigate through the day, these lessons are internalised and carried out organically through engagement in academic classes, activities, and sports programs. Girls learn the skills of critical thinking, creative thinking, decision-making, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. Empathy, interacting with others with equanimity, and the ability to understand the other person’s point of view are default outcomes of leading a shared life. They can handle challenges in a constructive manner and acquire tremendous confidence. Outsourced Classes conducted by professionals imparting Life Skills come through Universal Ethics Curriculum, MyPeegu sessions, and Value Education sessions by Brahma Kumaris.

Activities/International Exposure

VDJS believes in the holistic development of its students. We offer a wide array of hobbies ranging from MUNs to gardening to our variously gifted children. We ensure opportunities for adequate, and exemplary expression of literary, artistic, oratorical, technological, and sporting talents of our girls. An organized hobby orientation program helps children identify their interests, and they receive training by in-house and outsourced faculty along with collaborative learning experiences with peers. The school provides them numerous platforms to showcase their skills.
Our students participate in Inter-House activities which are the right platform for spotting talent. The ones who show promise represent the school for various Inter-School competitions. The girls take part in CBSE, IPSC, NPSC, and various international events held under the aegis of Round Square. Many prestigious competitions held by independent organisations also elicit participation. A team of teachers prepares the girls for quality representation.
The girls get global exposure both for education and entertainment. Our girls take part in International Student Exchange Programs, which is an amazing way to experience the education and culture of the host country. Students engage with their peers across the globe for collaborative academic exchanges through distance learning under British Council, Generation Global. They also attend Round Square conferences and Service Projects. Educational excursions during term breaks are planned for interested students to international destinations.


We offer Archery, Badminton, Band, Basketball, Hockey, Skating, Soccer, Shooting, Swimming, Taekwondo, Volleyball, and Yoga. Indigenous games are on offer as a weekly hobby. Detailed information is available on the school website https://www.vdjs.edu.in/sports-philosophy/
We have qualified coaches to train the girls in their chosen sport. Nine of our coaches are residential, and three are part-time. Many of our teaching staff are sports enthusiasts who also come out on the field and play with the girls and coach them.
Our students participate in Inter-House Sports in each Sporting Discipline. Athletics, Triathlon, and Cross Country are conducted annually. The ones who show promise are chosen to represent the school for various Inter-School competitions. The girls participate in IPSC, CBSE, District, State, National, and International events. We also organise friendly matches with local schools.
We have a vibrant Sports Program with 1: 15 hours of compulsory Sport for each student. The girls choose the discipline of their choice after an orientation program. Separate Sports hours for Juniors and Seniors in the morning and evening respectively ensures personalised guidance.

In accordance with the NEP 2020, we ensure that sports have the same rigour and structure as core academic subjects. Each Class has a Health and Physical Education curriculum. Observance of special Days like International Yoga Day, National Sports Day, Annual Sports Day, active participation in the Fit India movement activities, and Sports quizzes help us in cultivating enthusiasm and encouraging students’ engagement in Sports. The girls also volunteer to train the Support Staff in some drills and fitness activities.


State-of-the-art IT infrastructure includes a Wi-fi enabled campus, IT labs, mini theatre in Houses, and a CCTV monitoring system. We provide fully licensed software to our staff and students. Students are allowed to carry a laptop and can use it as per school IT Policy. The IT skills of students and staff are upgraded through workshops and refresher programs regularly.
We provide secure browsing to our students by following good cyber hygiene practices. The access to academic research sites and the timings for usage is as per the school IT Policy signed by the students and parents during admission. Social media sites and platforms, use of USB devices are strictly prohibited. The students are informed about the judicious use of the internet by sessions with school IT staff and workshops with outsourced faculty on cyber security and secure net surfing.


Students at the time of admission are issued a mobile handset with an outgoing facility on five numbers approved by the parents. Students can call once a week for half an hour to their parents on these numbers. The phone remains in the custody of the Pastoral Team. Additional calls are allowed to mark special occasions like birthdays, the anniversary of parents or siblings. Parents are in touch with the house mistresses and the mentor of your child via WhatsApp groups. Parents are free to call the Housemistress or the mentor of their daughter during the designated time. However, they are busy at all hours with your children and possibly sometimes may not be able to receive your call. Kindly leave a message or drop an email, and you will receive a reply.
We have a dormitory system for students in the junior school that accommodates four to six students. Senior students stay in rooms allotted to two to three students.
The school has an automated laundry system. Laundry goes twice a week for washing and ironing from every house. The clothes are collected room-wise and class-wise. In addition, there are washing machines in every house for washing of undergarments of the junior students, and the usage of the senior students, in case the laundry gets delayed due to unavoidable circumstances.
The school provides a healthy and balanced diet to students starting with morning tea, breakfast, morning refreshment, lunch, evening refreshment, dinner, and milk at night. The students appearing for Board Exams are provided refreshment post-dinner during their late- night study hours. Students are provided tuck on Sunday and fast food in a weekly cafeteria in which students get the opportunity to have special snacks to satisfy their tastebuds. It leaves them with no more scope to consume more eatables/tuck/snacks provided from home. Thus, parents are requested not to give any eatables to their daughter while coming to school. If your child carries any tuck, it will be confiscated during the luggage inspection.
The first point of contact for availing leave is the House Mistress of the concerned House. Parents must write a mail citing the reason and duration of Leave. The existing provision is for three days of personal leave in a year.