Dear Parent or Guardian,

Thank you for your interest in your daughter’s admission to Vidya Devi Jindal School. The admission procedure is as follows:

Please complete the registration form and submit it along with the non-refundable and non-transferable registration fee of Rs 18,000/-. Registration fee can be paid online and the link for the payment of registration fee is here.

Once we will review the duly completed registration form along with the other relevant documents attached, you will receive an admit card informing you the registration number of your daughter, date, time and venue of the Aptitude Assessment for Admission to VDJS.

Once you receive the admit card, your daughter is eligible to appear for the AAA and she would be expected to report at the venue of the AAA at the time mentioned in the admit card accompanied with her parents/guardians.

On the day of the Aptitude Assessment for Admission the following will be the schedule:

1) Report to the venue at the scheduled time.
2) Candidate will be escorted to the venue to appear for the AAA.
3) Parents/Guardians will be given a tour of the school followed by the Orientation Programme.
4) Interactive Session of the candidate and the parents/guardians with the Interactive Committee.
5) Visit to the School Medical Officer for the candidate’s medical fitness clearance.

Once the above process is completed you along with the candidate will be free to leave the venue. The admission committee will review the performance of the candidate and will release the registration number of the candidates qualified for the admission on the School website.

The parents/guardians of the qualified candidate will receive the Admission Offer letter from the Principal.

The Parents / Guardians will be expected to accept the offer for admission within the stipulated time and must submit all relevant documents along with the admission fee to successfully complete the admission of their daughter to Vidya Devi Jindal School.

In case, the parents/guardians fail to accept the offer for admission and/or donot complete the admission process within the stipulated time, the offer for admission will automatically be cancelled and the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the list.

Please note that the registration will only be considered once all the documents listed on the checklist mentioned in the registration form have been received.

Should you have any queries regarding the process please feel free to contact over phone or write to the undersigned.


Mamta Dhiman
Admissions Officer
Phone: +919896419606