Adventure excursion to Dharamshala

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From 22nd September to 24th September 82 students from classes IX- XII along with 7 teacher escorts went to Dharamshala for an adventure trip organised under the aegis of IAYP. The three day trip incorporated activities such as river crossing, Mowgli walk, commando net and flying fox along with an arduous trek of approximately 20 km at a height of about 7,000 feet. In addition to the thrill of adventure the delegation enjoyed the breathtaking beauty of the place with stargazing at night being the most cherished memory for all of them. There were several moments of fun like the brief halt at Handi where everyone enjoyed frolicking in cold water and freezing those moments through several pictures. The students of class XII tried their culinary skills by preparing mouth watering Maggie and pani puri for everyone. The visit to Mcleodganj on the last day gave them opportunity to shop and enjoy the local cuisine. The girls returned with a great sense of fulfillment and much greater confidence in their mental and physical robustness.

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