Digital Immersion Programme- UAE Trip

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 A Session on ‘ Latest Technologies and Tech Integrations in Real Life’ was organised by Dr Anand Bhojan, Director of Metaverse Foundry, National University of Singapore, in the Auditorium for IX & XI on 2nd August. Mr. Bhojan delved into the significance of AI, Chat GPT, VR/ AR, and metaverse and their role in emerging future careers. The girls were also addressed by Mr Adity from ‘Global Cert’, who detailed the ‘Digital Immersion Program’ that is to be held in U.A.E from 20th to 30th September. The proposed programme is a tech-centric program for school students to help them attain training and relevant hands-on experience of basic tech skills in the latest technologies, programme logic, and data analysis & visualisation and get an edge over their peers in regard to future career prospects.