Disaster Management Drill

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On Saturday, 1st February a Disaster Management Drill was conducted in school. The hooter rang at 12 noon and the students quickly moved out of their classes and assembled in the front lawn. While most students moved out within 5 minutes a few had to be cajoled to evacuate the building, since they had understood that it was just a drill. The role of the security was commendable as they immediately locked the school gate and informed all the posts of the scenario. The generator room was instantly informed of the outbreak of fire in the ‘Mindspark Room’ after which the Security incharge moved to the school building to assess the situation.

At the common assembly point the students were reminded of all the do’s and don’ts which they must observe when a real disaster strikes. The girls were also complimented on their quick action and the need to take any such future drills with absolute seriousness was reiterated.

There were a few observations which will further help us fine-tune our preparedness. It was felt unanimously that the hooter for such emergency situations needs to be different for absolute clarity to all concerned.

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